About Bill Garcia

BillWith over 35 years of metal industry experience, President and CEO Bill Garcia has experience in every aspect of the business: marketing, purchasing, accounting, sales and estimating.

Born into a family of coalminers, steel production workers, steel mill crane operators, steel company owners and even metallurgic engineers, Bill was practically destined to work in the metal industry. In 1994, Bill started ALCAM Metal Distributors, Inc. on a $2,000 line of credit attached to a personal checking account. In that first fiscal year of business, ALCAM achieved $310,000 in sales volume. By year end 2014, revenues have exceeded the eight million dollar mark. 

Bill is passionate about the Denver community and has served on the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, the Junior Achievement Program of Metropolitan Denver and the Cottonwood West HOA. In 2013, Bill was selected by the US SBA Denver Office to participate in the Emerging Leaders (e200) Leadership Program, the only federal training initiative that provides executives of successful businesses with the resources to build a sustainable business of size and scale.

“I believe that our business is part of my DNA. It’s run in my family history for generations. I believe ALCAM is the best at what we do, providing our customers with all of their metal requirements, helping them solve their purchasing issues, and doing so with creative service that is on-time and in-budget, all of the time.”

– Bill Garcia